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Green Collar Payroll's HR Administration services help you manage your employees. Our solutions are meant to enhance, not replace your existing HR personnel. If you company isn't large enough to encompass a Human Resources department, we can help fill the void. Regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. Which laws apply to your company? How do you comply? Our staff can assist you in your decision making process.

HR Administration Services

• Human resource database and employee file maintenance

• Assistance with Immigration and Naturalization Service compliance (including Form I-9 and E-Verify)

• Assistance with independent contractor issues

• Legal research and dispute resolution assistance

• Compensation administration and compliance with FLSA and state wage and hour laws

• Guidance with general employment situations and concerns such as EEOC, ADAAA, ADEA, FMLA, and CRA

• Review and/or development of an employee manual including employee policies, procedures and guidelines

• Salary review and market comparisons

• Sexual harassment and discrimination training (Employee and Managerial)

• Assist with the development of policies and procedures for:

• Job descriptions

• Performance appraisals

• Rewards and recognition programs

• Drug-free workplace policy

• Job postings

• Conducting and evaluating interviews

• Applicant phone screening

Green Collar Payroll offers solutions that reduce exposure by increasing compliance with federal and state laws. Green Collar Payroll's HR services provide you with peace of mind, and let you refocus your energies on doing what you do best - managing your business!