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Green Collar Payroll delivers payroll processing and administration services designed to meet your needs. This comprehensive service provides you with a turnkey payroll process. All you need to do is provide Green Collar Payroll  with employee changes and timecard information via telephone, fax, email or internet.


Green Collar Payroll Employer Service's Payroll Administration Service

• Prepare, file and pay your payroll taxes

• Issue payroll checks/direct deposits

• Provide unlimited reports

• Issue annual W-2s

• Administer unemployment claims

• File new hire reports

• Process garnishments and maintain compliance

• Track PTO and sick/vacation time


Green Collar Payr Employer Service's HRP Web

• Secure 24/7 online access to payroll and human resource data

• Customizable security settings by user

• Real-time updates to Payroll and human resource data

• User friendly payroll entry

• Online payroll approval processing

• Manual batch creation for checks needed between normal payroll processing

• Current and historical data available for insurance, 401k and PTO benefits

• Access to payroll, human resources, and census reports as well as invoices

• Employee appraisal reviews, goal setting and disciplinary action

• Employee access to personal historical payroll information
• Memo capabilities to employees with online access


Employees Enjoy Secure Access

• Employment profile

• Printable check stubs

• Printable W-2s

• Earnings and deductions details

• Direct deposit information

• Tax withholdings elections and year-to-date totals

• Benefit plan selections

• Paid leave status and activity

Payroll is a complex process and requires up to date knowledge of tax laws. GCP has both the technical expertise and advanced technology to meet your needs and reduce your overhead by relieving you of the unproductive burden of payroll. GCP will eliminate the hidden costs of compliance, and the risks created by ever-changing regulation.