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Green Collar Payroll Services

Green Collar Payroll provides a wide range of services that enable business owners to focus on the revenue side of the business. Most small businesses struggle due to a lack of revenue or working capital; we help business owners focus on these activities. By offering our clients a strong full-service outsourcing alternative, we allow them to spend as much time as they can doing what they do best. Our services represent a tactical solution to operations that frees up their key employees to focus their efforts to more directly work towards the success of your company.  Green Collar Payroll will provides clients with comprehensive payroll, workers' compensation and loss control, HR administration and employee benefits services. Green Collar Payroll will assume certain employer responsibilities including the processing of payroll, payment and reporting of payroll taxes, providing workers' compensation insurance, assess loss exposure, develop and implement safety programs, provide employee benefits, and administer your human resources. Green Collar Payoll's services are designed to save you time and money and dramatically increase your level of government compliance

As a result of this relationship, Green Collar Payroll clients can increase the quality of its workplace, increase productivity, improve employee retention, decrease industrial injuries, and decrease their overall costs related to the employee-employer relationship.

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